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I am a software engineer at Anaconda, Inc, where I am a member of the team which produces the Anaconda Distribution, a popular python data science platform. I help create conda packages for the distribution and specialize in building AI/deep learning software, including Tensorflow, Caffe and PyTorch.

I am also a frequent contributor to a number of open source packages in the PyData/Scientific Python ecosystem. This includes being a core member of conda-forge the creator and maintainer of berryconda, as well as the author of pyfive and nmrglue.

Before Anaconda, I was a scientist and software engineer at Argonne National Laboratory where I conducted research and developed software for the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Climate Research Facility. At that time I was the lead developer of the Python ARM Radar Toolkit (Py-ART), an open source toolkit for the analysis and manipulation of weather radar data.

I received my Ph.D. at the Ohio State University in the Chemical Physics department. My research was focused on using solid state NMR to study biological solids under the guidance of Christopher Jaroniec.

After Ohio State, I conducted postdoctoral research with Jeffrey Hoch at the University of Connecticut Heath Center developing advanced methods for processing NMR data.

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